A Look at Immigrants in North America

A Look at Immigrants in North America: The Connection Between Midlife Transition and  the sense of belonging

When people move to North America, they often hope for a better life and a chance to be part of a diverse and exciting society. But the truth is, going through the middle of your life, known as midlife transition, can be really tough for immigrants who don’t feel like they fit in. I know this firsthand—I’m an immigrant who spent 17 years in the USA and Canada, living in 4 different cities. In this blog post, we’re going to explore how not feeling like you belong can really affect immigrants in North America during their midlife transition.

Understanding Midlife Transition: Think of midlife transition as a time when you start thinking more about yourself. You might wonder where your life is going, what you’re all about, and look deep inside you to find answers.

Why Belonging Matters: Feeling like you belong is like having a cozy blanket for your mind. It helps you feel safe and understood. This feeling is super important when you’re going through midlife transition because it’s a time when you might feel kind of lost.

Challenges for Immigrants: Moving to a new place can be really tough. Learning a new language, understanding a new culture, and knowing how things work can make you feel really alone. This feeling worsens during midlife transition when you’re already trying to figure out who you are.

How Not Belonging Affects Midlife:
Feeling Confused: When you’re going through a midlife transition, you might already be trying to understand yourself. Not belonging can make this confusion even stronger. Two Kinds of You: Immigrants often feel like they’re not fully part of their new home, but they don’t feel completely connected to their old one either. Feeling Alone: Not belonging can make you feel really alone, and it’s hard to make real friends or connections. Feeling Sad: When you feel disconnected, it can make you feel sad and even anxious.

Stories of Strength: Lots of immigrants go through midlife transition successfully, even though it’s hard. These stories show that people are strong and can find ways to belong, like making friends or getting help.

Finding Strength: Using the Jungian approach, immigrants can find ways to feel better during the midlife transition. You can learn more about yourself, face things you’ve been avoiding, and become more you.

Conclusion: Midlife transition is a big deal for everyone, but immigrants in North America face extra challenges. Not feeling like you belong can hurt your identity, happiness, and health. If you’re an immigrant struggling with this, know that your journey is important. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, like Jungian coaching, to help you find your place, feel good about who you are, and have a happy midlife journey.


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