GlassWing Coaching

Our Coaching Philosophy:

Transformation starts from Within

Embrace Your Journey: From Vulnerability to Empowerment

Welcome to Glasswing Coaching, where our philosophy draws deep inspiration from the profound symbolism of the Glasswing butterfly, intertwining with the guiding principles of Jungian psychology. Just as this delicate creature emerges resiliently from its cocoon, human transformation flourishes from within. Much like the glasswing’s ethereal strength concealed within its fragile appearance, our coaching approach resonates with the journey of individuals as they courageously embrace vulnerabilities and imperfections, igniting personal growth and embracing transparency to live authentically.

The Glasswing Butterfly: An Emblem of Resilience

Our logo showcases a Glasswing butterfly, where broken fragments are ingeniously crafted into one wing, while a vibrant green wing stands alongside it. This symbolizes the beauty that blossoms when we embrace all parts of ourselves—the broken and the strong, the vulnerable and the resilient. This emblem is a constant reminder of the endless potential for growth and new beginnings that reside within each of us.

The Glasswing Butterfly, with its wings delicately adorned with woven fragments, serves as a moving reminder of the beauty that emerges when we accept every aspect of who we are. It teaches us that true strength isn’t just about being flawless; it’s about weaving together every part of our unique journey.

Jungian Psychology: Unveiling the Depths of Being

Our coaching philosophy, profoundly influenced by the teachings of Jungian psychology, mirrors Carl Jung’s exploration of the unconscious to unveil the depths of the human psyche. Incorporating Jungian psychology into coaching offers a profound journey of self-discovery and growth. Through this approach, clients can explore the depths of their unconscious mind, unveiling hidden motivations, patterns, and beliefs that shape their behaviors and choices. By delving into the realms of the psyche, individuals can gain insight into their authentic selves and develop a deeper understanding of their thoughts, emotions, and aspirations.

Jungian-based coaching encourages clients to confront and integrate aspects of their unconscious, fostering personal transformation and self-empowerment. This approach can involve techniques such as dream analysis, archetypal exploration, and active imagination, all aimed at bringing unconscious content into conscious awareness. By recognizing and working with these hidden elements, clients can navigate life’s challenges with greater clarity, make informed decisions, and embark on a path of meaningful growth and self-realization.

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